The 2nd day, 2 numbers were given to create addition stories. Dr Yeap did not give us the answer but keep on guiding us by scaffolding and providing samples.

Each group was given papers to create their stories and I was thinking that it was easy and I would be able to do it fast. There were different group answers which were put us for others to learn. They were:

Classic before after
eg: Lila has 8 pencils. Shanti gives her 6 more pencils. How many pencils does Lila have now?

Part whole problem
eg: Jolene has 8 sweets. Trace has 6 sweets. How many sweets do they have altogether.

eg: I have $8. You have $6 more than me.

It was a fun way to learn and it really helped me to undertstand the concept further!


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