When I first entered the class on day one, I was confused and unsettled on what I was going to learn and what is ‘Elementary Mathematics’ all about.  Dr Yeap, our trainer switched on a video on sesame street and this made go back to childhood memories. One of the topic for the day was using our name and counting the 99th letter in my name. This was unique as I have never doen it before and the answer was more interesting where those who have the same number of letters in their names have the letter in the same row as their 99th letter.

He also talked about the 4 stages of carrying out instruction which were modelling, scaffolding, providing the problem and explaining. This is true for me in my class as when my lessons are conducted, I do all these 4 steps to make sure the child understands.

The second problem was on cardinal and ordinal number where cards were used. The cards are in ordinal numbers as it is changed at all times. Dr Yeap explained that in order to know cardinal numbers, the child must have visual perception, one to one correspondence, rote counting and sorting.

The day went off smoothly and waiting for the other 5 days to pass off smoothly too!


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