Mathematics is a subject which confuses me all time and makes me to be patient myself. It has been a subject which allows me to think and problem solve.
Chapter 1 is all about changes and constant effort by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to enhance the teaching and learning of the subject matter. Change is inevitable to have quality. The Principles and Standards makes us provide quality for my teaching practises. Teachers who are equipped with the knowledge of how their children learn mathematics will then “select meaningful instructional tasks and generalizable strategies to enhance learning” (Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams, 2010). The five process standards is an important topic for children’s daiy activities. Only if teachers find it meaning, children feel the importance of mathematics.
For a person who don’t like Mathematics, Chapter 2 was an eye opener. When teaching Maths to my children, I struggle to make children undertstand as a whole. It is not something on a touch and go basis. The chapter made me realise that I can find alternative solutions for struggling readers. Reflective thought allows a child to make sense of the mathematics in a light way.(Van De Walle, Karp, Bay-Williams, 2013, p. 22). Mathematics has to be made and simplified in the simplest way for children to understand.

I personally feel that mathematics can be fun and interesting if we make it in a way where children find it like a games and something enjoyable. After reading Chapter 1 and 2, I think Mathematics can be integrated in any part of the child’s activity as it everywhere.


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